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corporate & private yoga classes | birmingham & online
Birmingham-based corporate yoga teacher, Katy Insley, founder of yogabrum
yogabrum founder and corporate yoga specialist Katy Insley practising yoga



Ready to get physically and mentally stronger? Or are you hoping to create a happier, healthier and more productive workforce?

You’re in the right place.

Welcome to yogabrum, the home of corporate and private yoga in Birmingham and online.

Back in 2011 as a stressed-out recruitment consultant, I discovered yoga. It was the much needed antidote to high-pressure corporate life, offering the tools I needed to manage my stress levels, and a way to counteract the physical effects of a desk-based job. Within just a few months of starting yoga, I felt stronger and more flexible, and the chronic back pain and persistent knee pain I'd suffered with for years disappeared. 

Now, I specialise in teaching both corporate and private yoga classes in Birmingham and online, to give you the tools to unwind, refocus, and find a moment of calm in a hectic world.

Welcome to yogabrum, the home of corporate and private yoga in Birmingham and online.

Why book a corporate or private yoga class with me?

Whether you’re a busy manager with a burnt-out team or an individual who wants to improve your strength, flexibility or mental wellbeing, I’m here to help.

I offer both one-off and regular classes, tailored to meet the needs of you as an individual, or those of your business. 

My teaching style is:

  • Inclusive - easy-to-follow and adaptable to suit most abilities

  • Knowledgeable - extensive knowledge gained over six years and 3,500 hours of teaching yoga

  • Encouraging - my guidance and support will fill you with self-confidence 

  • Calm - my calming influence is the antidote to the busyness of day-to-day life

  • Attentive - I read the room and make everyone feel supported 

  • Practical - every part of every class has a clear purpose

  • Fun - wobbles, laughter and experimentation are encouraged!

Ready to reduce stress and anxiety and improve your strength, mobility, and resilience? Contact me for more information about corporate or one-to-one yoga.

Benefits of a regular yoga practice

Yoga is for all ages and abilities, from the seasoned yogi to the complete beginner (and even the self-declared cynic).

I'm here to help you discover the joy of yoga and how it can impact all areas of your life for the better.

Take an hour out of your day to focus on yourself, and watch it have a ripple effect on:

  • Your mental health

  • Your physical fitness

  • Your work

  • Your relationships

  • Your energy

  • Your sleep

  • Your aches and pains

  • Your mobility

Do I need to go on?

I took up yoga to build strength and quickly realised it was actually beneficial to every part of my life.

It eased the pressure of a demanding job, soothed back and knee pain, and brought a peaceful outlook that made me more capable of tackling anything life threw at me.

Ready to see the impact it could have on your life?

Get in touch and let's discuss how you can reap the rewards of scheduling self-care into your week - your mind and body will thank you!

My own yoga story

My yoga journey began at the age of 28. Up until that point, regular running had kept me fit, but had also given me persistent knee and lower back pain, poor flexibility and very little core or upper body strength.  

By 2011, I was on the verge of having knee surgery (albeit minor) in both knees. 

I decided to take a break from running and discovered hot yoga. Within just a few months, I experienced significant improvements in my flexibility, full body strength and mobility. I retained the same level of fitness that I'd gained from years of running, and most incredibly, the low impact nature of yoga meant my knee and back pain disappeared without the need for surgery.

Most unexpectedly, yoga gave me a way of switching off after a busy day and the tools to manage the stress I experienced working for a global recruitment business.

It's no wonder I became hooked.


And it's no wonder that after a few years of practicing, I decided I wanted to share this practice with others. 

Fast forward to 2018 and yogabrum was born.


Over 3,500 classes, 45 corporate yoga clients, and 30+ private clients later, I bring the positivity, calm, and energy of yoga to people like you in homes, studios, and workplaces across Birmingham.

I’d love to meet you and improve your physical and mental wellbeing through yoga. 

Your encouraging & experienced Birmingham yoga teacher

I’m Katy, founder of yogabrum and an experienced and encouraging yoga teacher based in Harborne, Birmingham, UK. 


I specialise in teaching inclusive, easy-to-follow yoga classes in homes, workplaces, and online, to help people build strength, flexibility and mental resilience.

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