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katy insley | yoga teacher | birmingham

I'm Katy Insley, a highly experienced yoga teacher based in Harborne, Birmingham UK.


In 2018, I launched yogabrum - a yoga business specialising in corporate and one-to-one yoga classes in the Birmingham area. In 2020 I expended my business into the online space, and now I work with private students and businesses around the world. I now have over 2,500 hours experience, have worked with more than 35 businesses, and teach between 12 and 16 private yoga classes every single week. 


I strongly believe that yoga is for everyone, and wholeheartedly reject the sadly common misconception that it's only for naturally flexible people. Most of my private and corporate students were complete beginners when they started practicing with me. Some were recovering from injuries and needed to gently build strength and mobility. Others were regular gym-goers who recognised a need to increase flexibility and mobility to avoid injury. I teach many golfers, tennis players and cyclists who've found yoga hugely beneficial in boosting performance in those sports as well as aiding recovery. And I teach people who started yoga as a way to improve their mental health through gentle restorative yoga poses, breathing and meditation techniques.


Yoga. Is. For. Everyone. You just have to find the yoga - and teacher - that works for you. 


Check out what my students have to say about me here, and please don't hesitate to contact me for more information about private, one-to-one, corporate or workplace yoga classes.

Vrkshasana overlooking ocean in Morocco.
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