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workplace yoga

Employee wellbeing is high on the agenda for most businesses, and corporate yoga classes already feature on many wellbeing programmes. Before becoming a yoga teacher, I worked in high-pressure recruitment roles for two global recruitment businesses, so I have a first-hand understanding of both the mental and physical pressures on employees today.

My corporate yoga classes are designed to address and relieve these pressures, through:

  • a sequence of spine lengthening, hip, chest and shoulder opening ‘asana’ - poses - which help counteract the effects of sitting at a desk, in a car or on a train for long periods of time

  • breathing, meditation and relaxation exercises, all of which help relieve stress and anxiety, allowing your employees to better tackle the challenges associated with their role.

I offer on-site workplace yoga for businesses based in the Birmingham area, and online corporate yoga to those based further afield. 

Please contact me for more information, rates and availability.

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