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Click below to enquire about pricing and availability for online and workplace yoga sessions for your team or business. 

corporate yoga

Employee wellbeing should be high on the agenda for every business. Happy, healthy people make for an engaged and energised workforce, which is the driving force of any successful organisation.


Before qualifying as a yoga teacher in 2018, I spent 13 years working in recruitment - eight years for one of the biggest recruitment businesses in the world, and the other five for two smaller SMEs. Given my first hand experience of the pressures associated with working for businesses of all sizes, it seemed only natural to merge my experiences to create a corporate yoga offering. 


Since launching yogabrum in 2019, I've worked with more than 45 businesses and organisations in Birmingham and around the world, delivering workplace and online yoga classes, workshops and employee wellness events.

What has yoga got to do with employee wellbeing? I'm glad you asked. It's well known that yoga;

  • improves focus and concentration

  • equips people with the tools to manage stress and anxiety

  • improves general fitness and wellbeing (less sick days)

  • aids relaxation and improves sleep quality

  • improves mobility, flexibility and posture

  • counteracts the physical effects of a desk based job.

Want to join the whole host of businesses already offering workplace yoga to their employees? Drop me a message here for more information, pricing and availability. 

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